New Dad Tip #6. When you finally go on a date night, turn off your phone:

New Dad Tip #6. When you finally go on a date night, turn off your phone:

Unplug and focus on the moment

Let me be clear about something. I not saying turn off both phones, I am saying turn off your phone. Instruct the babysitter to call or text the mother in an emergency. You really don’t need your phone on. Here’s why: You’re a new dad spending an evening out with your wife for a date, maybe away from Baby for the first time. Your phone can ruin a relaxing evening. How? Like most of us, you assume that every single text and notification you receive is an update from the babysitter and that it could be an emergency. More likely, it could be your friends texting about a sports score, or another nonemergency call that will distract you from having a romantic evening out. Before you leave home, agree to have the sitter contact your wife with any updates . This is a night to decompress, to focus 100% of your attention of your wife. Turning off your phone is a great way to do that.

Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash


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