Tip #10 – You are never “Babysitting” your baby

Father reading to baby
Cherish every moment

If you are taking care of the baby solo for a few hours, don’t post on social media that you’re with the baby today and I’ve got this! Taking care of your kid for a day by yourself is good, but it’s not status update worthy. How would you feel if you spent every day with your child for three months, and then the one day you go to a baseball game, she posts “Mom and baby day. We’re all alone at home, but we got this.” She then live-blogs the diaper changes, and the times she got peed on, expecting people to give her kudos for spending a few hours with her kid by herself. However, Dad’s often do this and expect credit for doing what would be “expected” if mom did the exact same thing. Use the time you have alone with your child as a bonding opportunity. Remember that your child’s smile and laugh is the only praise you’ll ever need.

photo credit: unsplash.com/@picsea

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